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Pricing Deals and Marketing Promotions

Pricing Deals Pro for WooCommerce - Create and manage incredibly flexible Pricing Deals and Marketing Promotions for your store -
Dynamic Pricing, Group Pricing, Quantity Bulk Discounts, Membership Discounts, BOGO (Buy One Get One) Deals, and More!

Features include:

  • Catalog realtime price reductions, as each product price displays in your store catalog
  • Cart Deal Pricing deals, processed as each product is added to Cart
  • BOGO (Buy One, Get One) deals, now with auto insert capability for free items
  • Special Promotions Marketing ("One Day Sale on Laptops!")
  • Sale Pricing - across multiple products, groups or the whole store (without tedious database changes!)
  • Quantity bulk discounts
  • Group pricing
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Wholesaler, Membership or Role Pricing (different prices for logged in users) [Realtime, with the pro version]
  • Per Customer Discount Limits [with the pro version]
  • Theme Marketing via shortcode, showing deal messages anywhere on your site you desire
  • Cart Widget reflects all discounts realtime

    Pricing Deals Pro is the Swiss Army Knife of Deal Plugins...
    for plugins that focus on the basic functionality, try these:

    •  Cart Deals Pro - Dynamic Cart Discounts
    •  Wholesale Pricing Pro - Wholesale Pricing Discounts
    •  (Pricing Deals Pro itself **already contains** the Wholesale Pricing Pro and Cart Deals Pro functionality)

    Pricing Deals Gives you the Tools

    The Pricing Deal Rules gives you all the flexibility you need to create your Pricing Deal or Marketing Promotion campaign. Pricing Deal Rules are applied to your store as the store information is being displayed, and at add-to-cart time. The product database pricing remains as it was originally set, while the Rule applies the appropriate pricing deal to the live store, cart widget and checkout.

    The Pricing Deals Pro gives you a complete array of Pricing and Marketing Tools: :

  • For All deal types, the Pro Version gives the additional flexibility of applying Sales and Promotions to:
    • Whole Store, Wholesaler or Membership (Display different prices for logged in users), Product Category and/or Pricing Deal Custom Category, Product or Variation
  • Deal Types
    • BOGO (Buy One, Get One) [for All]
    • Sale Pricing [for All]
    • Group Pricing [for All] ("Buy 5 Laptops, get them for the price of 4")
    • Dynamic Pricing [for All] ("One-Day Sale on Laptops, 10% Off!")
  • Begin date / End date scheduling
  • Discount info both at Checkout and in the Cart Widget
  • Theme Promotions Marketing by displaying the Rule message via shortcode ("One Day Sale on Laptops!)
  • Price reductions can show as the product displays, for display Rule type
  • $$ yousave can show as the product displays, for display Rule type
  • Audit Trail log of purchases with Pricing Deal Rule discounts
  • Product-level Deal Exclusion
  • Per Customer Discount limit

With the Pricing Deals plugin, all of these activities can be applied and managed in one place.

Using Pricing Deal Custom Categories makes Group pricing and many other Discount Types much more powerful!

    Group together any products you elect seamlessly
  • Dynamic Pricing for this Group
  • Grouping affects no other part of your store
  • Pricing Deal Custom Categories do not affect Product Category store organization and presentation in any way

Promotions Marketing in your Theme in Detail

    Three different shortcodes, from simple to advanced
  • Shortcodes can be placed anywhere in the theme [do_shortcode] and can request any messages
  • At the product level, you can automatically show all relevant Realtime rule type messages. For example:
      "Buy 2 of this product, get one of those products free"
  • "Buy 2 of those products, get this product free"

BOGO (Buy One, Get One) Examples

    "Buy two of these, get 10% off of both"
  • "Buy two of these, get 10% off another purchase"
  • "Buy two of these, get one of those free"
  • etc ...

Wholesale / Membership / Display different prices for logged in users functionlity works with WordPress Roles. See the Role Management Documentation for more info.

Changelog Info

  • 1.0 - 2014-03-15
    * Initial Release

Coming Soon!

Installation Instructions

Both the Free and Pro versions of the plugins are required.

First Download, install and activate the Free Version from WordPress.Org

  1. Use the built-in WordPress plugin installer to download, install and activate the Free version of the plugin hosted at

Then Download and install the Pro Version from

  1. Download the zipped Pro Version of the plugin from Downloads using your Session Id or Name and Email from Purchase email issued at Checkout.
  2. Upload and activate the zipped Pro Version of the plugin file to your site through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. Please Note: Both the Free and Pro versions must be installed and active

WooCommerce 1.0 or above is needed to run this plugin successfully.


137 Responses to Pricing Deals Pro for WooCommerce

  1. ewoud

    I need this extension desperately. When will it be available? Can I testdrive it?

  2. Hi,

    I’d like to use this plugin too. Did you manage to get any progress the last weeks or is your ETA still 6 weeks?


    • admin

      Hi Johan,
      Thanks for your query. I’m still on track for the 6-8 weeks delivery time frame. I’ll post as soon as a beta release is available.

  3. Hi Vark,

    About to do a site for a winery – they want to offer this deal – Buy a nixed dozen bottle – in other words add 12 single bottles of wine to the cart then choose and other bottle from the catalog and it is free. So in other words – buy 12 and the 13th is free.

    I can’t think how Woocommerce could possibly do that – ie know that the 12 items are single bottle and not some other product and know the 13th bottle in the cart for is for FREE when it has a price.

    I can’t think how that could be done – but maybe just maybe the plugin you are building could do that?

    Anyway – just some feedback for you.

    • admin

      Hi Steve,
      Yup, BOGO is one of the paths my plugin will do – Buy (one) get (one) free/percent off/ etc … Thanks for your query, hope to have it up for you in the projected 6-8 weeks.

  4. Hi Vark,

    Any idea on the price yet? Or will you have a special deal for the beta testers :-)

    • admin

      Hi Peet,
      Haven’t had a moment to solidify pricing. I’ll let you know when the beta is online.
      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Hello, I look forward to beta test this plugin as soon as it is ready… please keep me looped in with the updates.


  6. Hi, I am looking for a way to give customers “Buy One, Get One” will woocommerce do this for me? I am currently using jigoshop

  7. hi, can you tell me if this would allow a separate login area for wholesale customers, for example I have a retail site, if I put along top menu “wholesale” could this go to a page for just logging in users with the role of wholesale ? as this would split my business perfectly.


    • admin

      Hi, Thanks for your question. Yes, the Pricing Deals plugin would support that precisely. All you would need to do is have the ability for users to log in to your site, and you could offer a variety of realtime pricing tiers based on the logged-in User’s role.

  8. Hi

    Very glad you are writing this plugin. Desperate for it please!

    Any idea when it will be ready ?

    • admin

      Hi Jean,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m in unit testing right now. Once that’s done, the interface is woeful and has to be reworked, then my testers go at it, need to write documentation, and so on. Many sleepless nights ahead. Due to its complexity, the plugin requires special attributes – I’m building in a transaction audit trail, as well as a cart discount log which will be keyed to the customer purchase log, amongst them. Many rows to hoe yet, and it’s been much longer in development than I would have liked. I’ll post as I approach beta release time.

  9. i am hoping this will be lower priced than the one on woothemes website hint hint :)

  10. Eric

    Will this plugin have a “Tax Exempt” pricing option for customers? I have distributors and non profits that could benefit from a tax exempt option.

    • admin

      Hi Eric,
      What kind of ‘Tax Exempt’ option did you have in mind? Apply no tax on the deal purchase product group or apply before taxes?

      • Eric

        I honestly haven’t given it a ton of thought as I’m still setting up my e-commerce website. I would almost like to have some sort of opt out check box on taxes for customers at checkout. If a non exempt customer takes the exemption, and can not supply documentation, i would just cancel their order.

        • admin

          Hmm I think that if the pricing deal plugin delivers a pre-tax computation (the default), it’s really a separate thing, and you can exempt taxes through a filter separately based on you tickbox in your theme.

  11. Eric

    Will this include, or does your other plugin include, a way to set minimum order requirements for a specific variation of a product? I have bags that can be purchased blank or screen printed. Blank bags have no minimum, however the printed variation option needs a minimum order of 100 ea.

    • admin

      Hi Eric,
      The Pricing Deals plugin will happily coexist with the Minimum Purchase plugin, so that solution will work for you.

      • Eric

        Ok, so if I have a screen printing variation of a product that gives the customer the options of:

        No Screen Printing, 1 Color Logo, 2 Color Logo

        Your plugin will allow no minimum on “no screen printing, but enforce a 100ea minimum on “1 color logo” or “2 color logo”?

        • admin

          The Minimum Purchase Pro plugin will do exactly that. You would have to be sure that the “1 color logo” and “2 color logo” products belonged to a product category or minimum purchase category (a custom taxonomy which is part of the plugin), and that a minimum purchase rule were created for that cat/tax, enforcing a 100ea minimum purchase.

  12. Do You have any alpha, beta version for testing, capability check??

  13. peter

    Any news on this plugin yet

  14. Any news on time scale yet.

    Regards Peter

    • admin

      Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your query. This is taking much longer than expected. I apologize, and will post as it gets closer. Still in unit testing.

  15. will you be offering an introductory pricing to the loyal crew waiting for the plugin ?

    thanks :)

  16. Hi

    Sounds like a great plugin.

    Can you tell me if your plugin will show the discounted unit price on the product page. For example I offer 10% off for quantity 10 or more of a particular product, will the discounted unit price show on the product page when the user changes the quantity to 10 (or more)?


    • admin

      Hi Mary,
      Thanks for the query. Simple price reductions, such as 10% off or $10 off, can be immediately shown as a discounted price on the product page. In all cases, you’ll be able to show the Pricing Deal Message on the product page, as well as the Discount to be received on purchase.

      But in the scenario you’re describing, the 1st time the user would actually see the pricing deal savings expressed for the required purchase of 10 items, would be after the product was added to cart.


  17. Hi,

    Is this plugin getting closer :)


  18. Any update?

    I want simply to be able to enter multiple prices. 1 for each user role. After login, all the pricing should be based on the users role.

    • admin

      Hi @T,
      Many apologies for the delay, I’m working full time on this project. I’m just rewriting the user interface, so it will take a bit longer. Regarding your usage plans, are you planning on having a separate roll-based price for each product, or have % off or $$ off based on the logged in role?

      • I was planning on role based pricing

        • admin

          Hi Arti,
          Yup, the plugin will fully support role-based pricing.
          Thanks for your comment.

          • Andrzej

            Hello again,

            How about: “planning on having a separate roll-based price for EACH product”?

            will this be an option?

            Kind regards,

            • admin

              Hi Andrzej,
              Yes, you will be able to create that level of rule pricing. However, it would be very inefficient. Pricing Deals will offer a custom taxonomy called Pricing Deals Category, which is attached to your products exactly like the regular product category. You can create individual Pricing Deals Categories, with Pricing Deal rules attached to each Pricing Deals Category and/or grouping criteria combo. Then simply tick the Pricing Deals Category box on the Product screen, just like in regular categories, and you’ll have an efficient custom price grouping.
              Thanks again for your query,

              • admin

                whoops, I forget the 2nd half of my comment… Once you have the Pricing Deals Category defined, the rule can also be attached to a specific role…

  19. Hi Vark,

    Great Plugin. Could you tell me when it will be launched?

    • admin

      Hi Owen,
      Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it. I’m very close to releasing the beta version of the WP E-Commerce version ( I made the decision to go with WPEC first many months ago, a decision I now rue). As soon as the WPEC version is out, I’ll do the relatively short adaptation for Woo. I’m going as fast as my 11 fingers will allow.

  20. I am very much looking forward to having a feature like this on my site. I hope it is released soon!


  21. Hi there. Anywhere I can join the waitlist for woocommerce version? For Mahoma’s sake, hurry up, I need it so badly.

    • admin

      Hi Danny,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m very close to releasing the WPEC version, and as soon as that’s done, I’ll start the conversion work. Thanks very much for your patience, I’ll email when Woo release is iminent.

  22. Hi Vark,
    This is an excellent idea! I’m very excited about this plugin!

    My one question about it:
    Will we be able to import a spreadsheet of each variation’s wholesale price?
    And the big general question: Could you email me when it comes out?
    Thank you for all your work and updates. I think a lot of us will really appreciate what you’re doing!


    • admin

      Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for your query. There’s no upload functionality planned for this plugin. Rather, it’s a ‘compute on the fly’ plugin. Wholesale price is arrived at by apply a discount to the list price. And I will absolutely add you to the email notification list for the initial rollout announcement.

  23. *crave :)

    Please notify me as well. thanks!


    • admin

      Hi Nikki,
      Thanks, will do! I’m days away from the beta WPEC version. As soon as that’s in, I’ll turn my efforts to the WOO version.

  24. Please let me know when ready…..

  25. Hi, I am confused, has the development of this module for WooCommerce been completed? Or are you working on WPEC first? Many thanks :)

    • admin

      Hi Rob,
      The WPEC version has been done 1st (sorry about that!), and is going up this week. The conversion for Woo will be my next task, and I’ll report back here on projected completion. A thousand apologies on the slowness of this project… Molasses moves faster than the project, for all that I’m full time on it…

  26. I need the WooCommerce version! Let me know when it’s ready!

  27. ewoud

    Hi Vark,
    the wpec version is looking good, can’t wait for the woo version!
    Any eta in mind?

    • admin

      Hi Ewoud,
      I’m loathe to commit to an eta, since it took soooo long to get the WPEC version up. It’s not the code conversion that’ll take the majority of the time, it’s the testing. I’m hopeful that it’ll be a few weeks. I’ll post a more concrete eta soon.
      Thanks very much for the query and your support.

  28. Andrzej

    Hello Vark,

    This plugin is exatcly what I was looking for. Any info when we could expect WooCommerce release?

    Kind regards,

    • admin

      Hi Andrzej,
      During the beta period in WPEC-land, I’ve gotten feedback which has prompted me to rewrite the Rule user interface (again!). So I’m crawling my way through that, and am still a couple of weeks out from returning to the Woo conversion. It’s a bunch of weeks out yet, and I’m truly pedaling as fast as I can.
      Thanks very much for your comment, I’ll add you to the list to let you know as the release approaches.

  29. Please add me to your list as well! I’ll be more than happy to help beta test the plugin as well.


  30. I am building a new ecommerce shop to replace the old site, need your plugin! Keep me on your update list, thanks

  31. I’m in need of the woocommerce version. Please keep us posted. Hope to see it soon!

    • admin

      Hi Laurie,
      Thanks very much for the post, I’ve added your address to the email list. One of my testers found an important feature missing – on a deal where something is offered for free, the option MUST be available to automatically add that free item to cart. So i’m pedaling madly to get that up and running.

  32. One large drawback to the Dynamic Pricing plugin is it lacks the ability to combine multiple discounts, ie: a customer has 10% off everything in a specific product category…a product in that category also has it’s own discount structure (buy 5 get the item for $10, instead of $20). The customers discount is negated by the product’s own discount. The customer SHOULD be able to still get their 10% on top of this, but it is not allowed by the plugin.

    Another missing feature is the ability to import both QTY and PRICING for the discount. I am setting up a wholesaler shop, there are pricing breaks at master carton quantities. I’d love to be able to import off a CSV both the case qty and the discounted price when you reach that qty.

    Will your plugin address either of these issues?

    • admin

      Thanks for your comments.

      Pricing Deals allows for multiple interaction with product sale pricing, other pricing deal rules, and coupons. Each of these are controlled at the rule level by individual selectors, allowing, for example, multiple rule discounts to apply to a product or group.

      Regarding pricing deal rule importation, there’s no facility for that currently. However, setting up custom category/pricing deal taxonomy/role population combinations may achieve exactly what you want, out of the box.


  33. Hi, I am very interested in this plug-in. Please email me when it is available. Thanks.

  34. Hi there,

    Please add me to the email list to be notified once this is released.


  35. will this be able to chain products for example

    sell a physical item with a choice of a download item
    or vice versa


    • admin

      Hi Mark,
      Sorry, didn’t really understand what you mean… A product or a group of products will have a price discount as a result of a rule you set up. Not sure what ‘chain products’ is.

  36. is the woocommerce version available? do let me know when it is

  37. Will your plugin be able to do buy 1 get 1 equal or lesser value? And will it be able to apply the buy 1 get 1 equal or lesser value to all products so you don’t have to purchase two of the same products?

    • admin

      thanks for the query. ” equal or lesser value ” is not a condition currently available in the plugin. The closest functionality is ‘most expensive/least expensive’ in a group…

  38. sieghart

    also need this badly for woocommerce!
    please update me! hope it will be out very soon :-)

  39. I am looking for a plugin that will display wholesale, non-wholesale pricing side by side for the customer to see the difference. Will this plugin have that functionality? Let me know when it is released too! Thank you in advance for your feedback!

    • And can these price options be uploaded through Woo Commerce CSV Import Suite?

      • admin

        Pricing Deals are controlled via Rules which are applied real time. These rules act on the current state of the pricing, whatever it is. So the you would import products with the Import Suite as normal, and the rules would apply to the cart realtime… really 2 different worlds, I think.

    • admin

      yup, the plugin can do the whole ‘yousave’ thing with the wholesale prices, showing the list price and the current price in your them using a shortcode.
      I’ll add you to the list!

  40. Hi,

    This is awesome! When will it be ready for purchase??


    Dan Redd

  41. Hi,

    You told me about this plugin @wp forum.
    Im looking forward to the day you release the plugin for WC….
    Hope it will be soon!

    Kind regards,

    • admin

      Hi Maikel,
      Thanks very much for your comment. I’m going flat out on this project, and now that the wp e-commerce version is released, I can devote my full time to the woo version. I’ll let you know soonest!

  42. I am waitting for this plug in. and want to buy it with min max pro all together. I don’t need the max though, but just like your design.
    Great job.
    Let me know on the day you release it. Thank you.

  43. Zoe

    I am looking to be able to set a wholesale price for an individual product by logged in user (not by user role). Will this be possible with this plugin?

    • varkadmin

      Hi Zoe,
      If I get your question correctly, you want to be able to differentiate between logged-in and not-logged-in for wholesale pricing.

      The way I have the role list set up on the plugin, ‘not logged in’ is also a role option…. so if you select all roles other than ‘not logged in’ for a given rule, you will indeed be able to build a product-specific wholesale price for logged-in customers.

      If you take a look at any of my other plugins in (‘minimum purchase’, ‘maximum purchase’ or ‘min and max purchase’), you’ll see how it works.


      • Zoe

        Sorry, I meant different prices for different users within the same role category. For example user id “a” and user id “b” are both set up under the “Wholesale” user role but will each see a different price for the same product. Most plugins seem to be based on roles but I need one thats based on the user id.
        Apologies for my rubbish explanation!

        • admin

          Hi Zoe,
          Pricing Deals won’t go to that level of granularity. However, Pricing Deals will work for what you need. You would just replicate the role level of the users, and make them unique. So for example, you’ve got a role labeled ‘Customer’. You’d simply copy that role, label the new role ‘Customer-A’, and then assign customer A to that unique role. Then you would set up a rule that would apply to all unique roles (including ‘Customer-A’) that would fit your pricing criteria for that customer or group.

  44. any news on a release date, to be honest I am getting rather tired waiting and am looking for an alternative as I am losing business

    • admin

      Hi Mark,
      Very sorry this is taking soooo long. This is a massively complex task, and $$ simply can’t be wrong. I’m actually getting good throughput in my testing. I’ve got wholesale/membership pricing fully tested, and the Cart rules are producing discounts and reporting accurately.

      I still have to tackle discounts passing to the payment gateway, and the free item auto insert function. So I’m not that far away, and am spending every waking moment on this.


  45. Dear Vark,

    I understand this must be a very difficult task since this plugin will be offering such wide range of options. And yet, like Mark above, I’m also becoming a bit impatient and have started collecting alternative solutions – not ideal – but which will work for me too. I’d love to have everything in one plugin only, but I simply cannot wait that long. Could I please ask you what do you think might be the realistic date for your release? Kind regards.

  46. admin

    Hi Andrzej (and all who are waiting for this),

    Thanks so much for your continued patience.

    As you may know, I elected to issue the wp e-commerce version of the plugin first. I’m actually just a few days away from finalizing the initial testing on the wpec => woo conversion. But I’m in a quandary with the woo release. Many of the comments I’ve been getting about the wp e-commerce version tell me that I need some sort of backend Rule Interface help wizard, beyond the existing layout and clickable help already there. So I’m actually considering delaying the woo release until I get the new backend Rule Interface wizard function online.

    That said, I’d be glad to sell an advance copy next week, once the initial functional testing has been verified to my satisfaction. At that point, just the new backend Rule Interface wizard functions would still be in development. And I’m available for support at least 12 hours per day, if not longer.

    Should you desire this pre-wizard version, please contact me directly via the support link ( and we can make arrangements.

    Thanks again,

  47. Leon

    Hi Vark,
    Do you have an approximate release date for the plugin? It’s been a while that we are waiting for the release.


    • varkadmin

      Hi Leon,
      Thanks for your patience in this looonnng process. The plugin is ready to go for beta release, and I’m working on the documentation. If you’d like the plugin in advance of the full release, please drop me a line. So the official beta release will be very soon, in a matter of a few weeks.
      Thanks again,

  48. hi there, i put this website link ( )because i’d like to know if in woo commerce i can do it this for ue citizens and non-ue citizens.
    If u go on sale area of this site, there’e the same display for sale price. Could your plugin do this? thanks

  49. Hi, Can you add my email to notify me when you release this plugin?

    • varkadmin

      Thanks for the interest, I’ve added you to the list. I’m doing the documentation right now, and as usual, it’s taking much longer than I had hoped. I’ve ended up organizing the documentation into separate webpages, under its own theme. So right now the tasks remaining are: complete the documentation, add tooltip-based contextual help to the user interface, finalize the testing. Never a dull moment.

  50. more_features

    suggest role based tax selection – i.e. Wholesale at a different tax rate, For example, allow selection of “reduced” tax class for Wholesale user. It’s already setup for products, just need to extend to users as well

  51. Any idea of when this plugin will be released?

    • varkadmin

      Hi Gary,
      Testing is 95% complete, documentation is about 80% complete. Once the doc is done, I”ll circle back and finalize the testing. We’re weeks away (still!!).
      Thanks so much for your patience.

  52. Jay is with this plugin also a true dicount per user (not only per role) possible?
    Thank you for a short info..and please add me to the notify-list.

    Any news related the release-date of this plugin?

    • varkadmin

      Hi Jay,
      To answer your last question first, we’re just 2-3 weeks away from release!

      “True discount per user” is an interesting question. If you want to build a discount which is only ever applicable to a single user, it’s still by role. You’d create a special role, grant it only to a specific user, create a rule just for that role.

      However you bring up an interesting question. Are you essentially asking for rule by logged-in user_id or ip address?


  53. Jay

    Hi Vark,

    thanks really for your fast reply.

    Yeah, I call it “true” discount, because all the Woo-Plugins/Extensions, related to “discount” or “pricing” can’t assign a discount directly to one user.
    You have to create a global role and assign the user to this role. This role is global through the Administration available.
    The steps:
    - Decide, that the user gets an individual discount
    - Create a global role
    - Assign the user to that role.

    More logically would be:
    - Go into the user’s account and assign a discount in % on the normal trade price ;)

    At the moment, we’re developing a bigger trade-portal for a wholesaler, which distributes all over the globe.
    The result: Many customers (only resellers, no consumers) should get an individual discount which can be assigned to their account.

    [Prices are visible after login, so this should apply by user-id, not by the IP]

    If many users would get the same discount, then, for me, it would be logical to create global roles.

    We’ve looked around a bit.
    “WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing” can only create 4 roles, that’s a “true” discount cause’ it costs 129$..haha.
    All other plugins are more silly than the money worth.

    We’re nearly to develop this for ourself, but I can’t estimate how much time this would take; and on the other hand we’re attached to the closing date of the project.
    Is it possible to buy a Beta from ya? ;)

    Fingers crossed for ya, that you can hold the 2 weeks ;)
    If I can help, let me know.


    • varkadmin

      Hi Jay,
      Sure, we can do a beta deal, I’ve already got one of those out in the world. Intro price is $75. Currently my plugin works similarly to the woo one in giving wholesale pricing, where you do the whole role assignment thing, and/or by category, product or variation. it’s a really interesting idea to add in the actual user_id as a selectable criteria. I could definitely commit to doing this on the next round of updates, but right now, I’m focused on getting the plugin out the door with its current configuration of attributes. Check out the documentation site, which is almost done: . Let me know what you think.

  54. The timeline looks like 2-3 weeks away correct?

    Please add me to the list for updates!

    This plugin could be fracking brilliant for us.

    We have 3 pricing tiers (customer, dealer, preferred dealer). Our old site allows them to log in and see a discounted price on each product. These prices are unique for each product (i.e. it’s not tied to categories). From what I read on your documentation, I may be able to achieve that w/ the plugin yes? I would just put each product in its own Pricing Deal Category and assign a Plain Discount on that product for each role. Is this correct? And then I could opt to have each discount show on the front end product page by selecting the rule as a Catalog Price Reduction. Is this all correct. I just want to be clear if this plugin is what we’e looking for…

    • Alex

      Also, I am assuming this is going to be compatible with the newest WooCommerce version? Do you know if it will be compatible with 2.0.2? I know they changed a lot when they made the update so just wondering if that will affect the compatibility of this plugin. I would prefer not to update to 2.1.0 until they fix all the crap that’s happening… Thanks again!

    • varkadmin

      Hi Alex,
      I’ve added you to the list. I’m also to the point where I’m offering the plugin prior to the official release. Let me know if you’d like to do that…

      • Alex

        Thanks for the quick reply, Vark. I think I would definitely be interested in the plugin before the release. Let me know pricing details and such via the email I provided…


  55. Jay

    Hi Vark,

    can’t find a contact-mail.
    Can you please contact me per mail under my e-mailadress I left here to write a post?

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Kindest Regards,

  56. Hi Man,

    Any progress with the plugin ? We are in need for such functionality

    • varkadmin

      Hi Mike,
      Testing and documentation are complete, now it’s cleanup, set up the selling page and install. I’m hoping for 1 week away, possibly stretching into 2…
      Thanks for the query,

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