Pricing Deals Pro for WooCommerce

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Pricing Deals and Marketing Promotions

Pricing Deals for WooCommerce (free) - Create incredibly flexible Pricing Deals and Marketing Promotions for your store - Dynamic Pricing, Group Pricing, BOGO (Buy One Get One) Deals, and More!

Features include:

  • Catalog realtime price reductions, as each product price displays in your store catalog
  • Cart Deal Pricing deals, processed as each product is added to Cart
  • BOGO (Buy One, Get One) deals, now with auto insert capability for free items
  • Special Promotions Marketing ("One Day Sale on Laptops!")
  • Sale Pricing - across multiple products, groups or the whole store (without tedious database changes!)
  • Quantity bulk discounts
  • Group pricing
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Wholesaler, Membership or Role Pricing (different prices for logged in users) [Realtime, with the pro version]
  • Per Customer Discount Limits [with the pro version]
  • Theme Marketing via shortcode, showing deal messages anywhere on your site you desire
  • Cart Widget reflects all discounts realtime

Pricing Deals Gives you the Tools

The Pricing Deal Rules gives you all the flexibility you need to create your Pricing Deal or Marketing Promotion campaign. Pricing Deal Rules are applied to your store as the store information is being displayed, and at add-to-cart time. The product database pricing remains as it was originally set, while the Rule applies the appropriate pricing deal to the live store, cart widget and checkout.

The Free version gives you:

  • Deal Types
    • BOGO (Buy One, Get One) [across the store]
    • Sale Pricing [across the store]
    • Group Pricing [across the store] ("Buy 5, get them for the price of 4")
    • Dynamic Pricing [across the store]
  • Begin date / End date scheduling
  • Discount info both at Checkout and in the Cart Widget
  • Theme Promotions Marketing by displaying the Rule message via shortcode ("One Day Sale on Laptops!)
  • Price reductions can show as the product displays, for display Rule type
  • $$ yousave can show as the product displays, for display Rule type
  • Audit Trail log of purchases with Pricing Deal Rule discounts

The Pro version also gives you:

  • For All deal types, the Pro Version gives the additional flexibility of applying Sales and Promotions to:
    • Whole Store, Wholesale and Membership (Display different prices for logged in users), Product Category and/or Pricing Deal Custom Category, Product or Variation
  • Deal Types
    • BOGO (Buy One, Get One) [for All]
    • Sale Pricing [for All]
    • Group Pricing [for All] ("Buy 5 Laptops, get them for the price of 4")
    • Dynamic Pricing [for All] ("One-Day Sale on Laptops, 10% Off!")
  • Product-level Deal Exclusion
  • Maximum Deal Limits, including "One Per Customer" limit

With the Pricing Deals plugin, all of these activities can be applied and managed in one place.

Using Pricing Deal Custom Categories makes Group pricing and many other Discount Types much more powerful!

Using a Pricing Deal Custom Category in place of a store Product Category allows you to:

    Group together any products you elect seamlessly
  • Dynamic Pricing for this Group
  • Grouping affects no other part of your store
  • Pricing Deal Custom Categories do not affect Product Category store organization and presentation in any way

Promotions Marketing in your Theme in Detail

    Three different shortcodes, from simple to advanced
  • Shortcodes can be placed anywhere in the theme [do_shortcode] and can request any messages
  • At the product level, you can automatically show all relevant Realtime rule type messages. For example:
      "Buy 2 of this product, get one of those products free"
  • "Buy 2 of those products, get this product free"

BOGO (Buy One, Get One) Examples

    "Buy two of these, get 10% off of both"
  • "Buy two of these, get 10% off another purchase"
  • "Buy two of these, get one of those free"
  • etc ...

Wholesale / Membership / Display different prices for logged in users functionlity works with WordPress Roles. See the Role Management Documentation for more info.

Changelog Info
  • 1.0 - 2014-03-15 * Initial Release

Coming Soon!

Installation Instructions

Both the Free and Pro versions of the plugins are required.

First Download, install and activate the Free Version from WordPress.Org

  1. Use the built-in WordPress plugin installer to download, install and activate the Free version of the plugin hosted at

Then Download and install the Pro Version from

  1. Download the zipped Pro Version of the plugin from Downloads using your Session Id or Name and Email from Purchase email issued at Checkout.
  2. Upload and activate the zipped Pro Version of the plugin file to your site through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. Please Note: Both the Free and Pro versions must be installed and active

WooCommerce 1.0 or above is needed to run this plugin successfully.


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